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>WandaVision will introduce Scarlet Witch’s reality-warping powers, through which she will revive Vision and create the 1950’s-esque neighborhood where they live. The title literally refers to Wanda’s vision of a perfect life, and sets up a potential “House of M” adaptation further down the line.

>Falcon & The Winter Soldier will explore Sam Wilson’s reluctance to embrace the mantle of Captain America and live up to Steve Rogers’ legacy, but he will become the new Captain America in the end and fight with the shield. Sharon Carter and Helmut Zemo will be featured in supporting roles.

>Nova is in active development as a new main MCU Cosmic franchise, featuring a human being chosen to wield the Nova Force in defense of the Universe.

>Power Pack is in active development as a family-oriented MCU franchise, featuring four superpowered young siblings.

>Young Avengers is in active development as a teen-oriented MCU franchise, featuring a group of teenage crimefighters trying to follow into the footsteps of the original Avengers.

>The Ultimates is being discussed as a potential team franchise, featuring a team of Multiversal protectors led by Captain Marvel and Black Panther. The Multiverse will be a key element of the MCU going forward and feature into numerous new franchises.

>Marvel Studios is studying ways to introduce Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool into the MCU. Possibilities include a third movie, a Disney+ TV show or a special appearance in Sony Pictures’ third Spider-Man movie featuring Tom Holland. Sony is also keen on featuring Holland’s Spider-Man crossing paths with Tom Hardy’s Venom.

>David Morrissey is being eyed for several potential roles in the MCU.