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The end of magic

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Now that the autism has toned down can we talk about the main overarching theme of Star vs, namely, coming of age?

Without the "stop racism/bigotry" shit Cotungo'd in, Star Vs is a story about two children living out their most wild fantasies. Star is a princess who weilds magic and can do anything she wants without consequences, Marco is on the other hand an average teen that faces average teen problems such as angst and hesitation, but who in an other world is a strong and rugged adult that goes on adventures for fun.

These were almost all our escapist fantasies during elementary / high school and for most of /co/ probably still ongoing. It's also where Doop-Doop comes in, because we all pretended to be riding a broom like a witch at least once. But from that first "spell" we moved on, we came up with entire worlds and characters and all that magical stuff, and all of us probably wrote some of it down. We forgot about the first time and just kept going on and on.

And this is where is comes to the killing of magic, because you can't live in fantasy forever. But Nefcy Isn't about that bittersweet goodbye, I mean look at her pictures, and tells us that though the magic is gone, we are not forced to either live in the real world (Echo Creek) soullessly or live in fantasyland (Mune), but that we can have both like the merging of the worlds. The end of magic is growing into an adult and forgetting everything.

You don't have to put away your inner child becquse the world just asks you to, and this is the lesson she wants to teach us. Because by being in touch with her inner child, she managed to give us Star.