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Star vs. the Worst TV Finale in Animation History?

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One obvious reason is for Star and Marco to be separated forever...

Daron gave us Starco and she is gonna force it away from us.

Is it worthy enough to be a candidate for one of the worst TV finales of all time if we get another asspull if Star actually follows her destiny instead of choice of free will. Other words, she follows the tapestry.

Other TV shows had bad finales that either didn’t fulfill what the show’s fans wanted, or there was too many story issues.

What would your reasons why you might possibly hate the finale? Only one I can think of is Star and Marco being separated and can’t do nothing about it.

Also, if Marco does absolutely nothing and is just a romantic plot device. Marco barely didn’t do a lot with some of the show’s plot.


We’ve seen in the promo that Marco was impaled by dark magic.

And the tapestry does show Star destroying dark magic with no Marco.

So we know tapestries aren’t so accurate but Star in the last episode said she was gonna destroy the magic, while also knowing the cost of losing Marco, her best friend and boyfriend.

If Marco is gone forever and back on Earth with no way to see Star again, how will we get a good bittersweet ending.

We had Starco but now Daron wants to take it away from us?

Will this show go up on the list of one of the most controversial finales since probably Seinfeld, How I Met Your Mother, and maybe Game of Thrones?

Would this be the first Disney show to not have a happy ending? Cuz this show is mostly drama with lack of comedy (and it is lackluster).