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These fantasies in S02E04 were really fun, especially getting to see the old costumes.

But seriously, one thing I really like in this show is the way they're always giving us little glimpses into the logistics of this war. The nitty-gritty, the politics. Like, these are all kids or young adults, but they're still dealing with a conflict that feel grounded these fairly realistic kinds of problems.
Of course, we don't get bogged down with this stuff,
>This town was our greatest supplier of... Supplies! It's basically a big orchard.
And the storytelling is very strictly episodic, but there is clearly somebody on that team working to give the audience a sense that this war is not just child's play.

Adora learning to use her powers is also very slowly paced, which makes it feel more earned, which is freaking great, these things are so often rushed.

Nice show. good.