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>Interview reveals this was a Marvel Nintendo joint project and Nintendo pulled Koei in because they wanted someone who knew action games
>all 3 companies involved with all aspects of the game in various ways
>the team from Koei is a mixture of people from Nioh/Ninja Gaiden and a few Omega Force members
>Marvel is helping with writing since Nintendo and Koei didn't think they could do it but Nintendo is most likely helping with writing smaller things like descriptions and generic battle chatter
>Marvel was extremely upset that Activision for turning Raven into a CoD team but were beyond excited that they got to work with Nintendo instead
>Nintendo and Marvel weren't saying much about if its connected to the first two but its most likely not anymore
>the Black Order will be bigger in this story than they were in the movie
>Injustice style comics around the game possible
>Infinity Stones story chosen so they can have more interesting locals
>"well" over 20 characters, made sure to say its not like 25
>Koei and Nintendo really wanted Wolverine and Storm and were ready to fight for them if they said no
>push to make sure you get the characters that people care about right away
>there are alternate skins
>there is a newgame plus
>3 Spidermans because they had too many idea for one of them