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Lgbt hate thread

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reminder that to show that your female character is strong, independant, responsible and not thirsting after the hero...

...then that means she must be made GAY

she must go after women, which means all that talk about going after her own goals and not being distracted by love is actually BS

women are still treated as objects, that in that case they are treated as objects by other females, which somehow makes it more okay then when a man does it

hence, the only possible answer is: the writer hates men

TL;DR: for some reason, a woman cannot be strong if she isn't gay
so according to dykes, being an interesting female character is proportionnal to her sexuality

lesbians themselves exert abusive power over other females and tricked liberals into thinking that it is an okay thing to do
for them, everything revolves around ,sex

everything in their statement and pov is contradictory with everything they say

Also, fuck Jannies