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Why is this character still around?

>literally created as a plot device to facilitate Hickman's story leading up to Secret Wars
>even after the big reveal of her boss being Rabum Alal, who was Doctor Doom, her backstory was kept nebulous and her motivations unclear; Hickman stopped caring about her as soon as Secret Wars started
>somehow working for Thanos, because they were both in the Cabal or something; completely ignoring her history with Doom
>alternates between autism moe and manipulative mystery girl who nobody knows anything about
>hasn't really done anything beyond be generic villain girl because she lacks any real connection to the Black Order and has no loyalty to Thanos, so she us just hanging around with them because she has nothing better to do

Not complaining about her or anything, but is it really just that she is hot that she survived oblivion or jobber death?