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>Want to a superhero comic
>Look up [superhero I like] volume 1
>There's at least 8 different volumes of varying quality
>Pick the one which seems to have the best reviews
>It expects me to know everything about [Superhero I like] up to this point, with a lot of major plot points happening in a completely different event or book
>Left confused and unsatisfied
>Realize I don't even like superheroes
>Okay what else is there
>Nothing outside of Hellboy, Walking Dead and a very small handful of good indie titles with no continuity bullshit

>Want to read manga
>Hundreds of different stories that aren't all the same capeshit with appealing artwork and coherent plot
>Pick up volume 1 and it's fucking volume one.
>Enjoy myself

The comic industry doesn't need to be this way, but for it to flourish it must die and become reborn.