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One-shots. Established series. Donut Steel's. Just get it on here, so we can cuss and discuss.

Batman: Mortal Terror

I've never received much feedback for this idea, so I'll just keep it brief. Scarecrow's either doing his schtick, or watching one of the other villains do their thing, when he comes to the conclusion after watching the events unfold that he's figured out Batman's one true fear: murdering someone. Yeah, it's not something people 'like' to do, but Crane realizes it's Batman's actual phobia. Things go on in the second act that conclude with Batman being put into a trap that puts him in a position in a laboratory-like environment where the only way to stop something from killing a bunch of innocents is for Batman to kill one of the Bat-family, but not somebody who's ready to die for the cause, to give it some more emotional weight. It wouldn't be a 'race against the clock', it would just be Crane observing him, waiting to see what he does like an actual clinical psychologist would. There'd be some banter between Batman and Scarecrow from time to time, think the interactions between Hannibal and Edward Norton in Red Dragon. In the end, Batman, of course, can't kill the Bat-family member, and realizes he's consigned all those other people to die. Scarecrow then ominously flips the switch. And the lights come back on. The door unlocks. Nothing happens to the people in the screen (bomb visually disarms or something similar). Scarecrow doesn't say a word. He just turns off the screen. Smiling.