ITT: Batshit Insane Comic Book Movie Pitches

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BATMAN: YEAR ONE by Darren Aronofsky.

>Bruce Wayne wanders off after his parents’ murders, is presumed dead by the police, and ends up being adopted by wisecracking black auto-mechanic Big Al.
>Bruce grows into a sociopathic mechanic who is encouraged by his father’s ghost to beat up criminal and lowlifes, branding them with his father’s engraved ring.
>The brand resembles a bat, so the media begins calling him “Bat-Man”.
>Aided by Big Al, Bruce creates a homemade costume, sets up a Batcave at an abandoned subway tunnel and turns an old Lincoln Continental into a Batmobile.
>Bruce is attracted to local prostitute Selina Kyle, who begins burgling her clients.
>The Bat-Man teams up with the only honest cop in town, Detective Jim Gordon, and assistant D.A. Harvey Dent to bring down corrupt Commissioner Gillian Loeb.
>Loeb figures out Gordon is conspiring against him and tries to kill Gordon’s wife and newborn daughter, but the Bat-Man saves them and arrests Loeb.
>Gordon becomes Captain, Dent becomes D.A., Selina is inspired by the Bat-Man to become Catwoman, and Bruce announces that he is still alive and moves into Wayne Manor with Big Al, using his newfound wealth to build a new arsenal to continue his crimefighting efforts.
>Ends with Gordon informing the Bat-Man of a string of murders being committed by a guy in clown makeup.

On the plus side, it was the first project where Christian Bale's name was brought up for Batman, alongside Kurt Russell as Gordon.