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>having lunch with family
>everyone's free on evening so we go to the movies
>talk about what to see
>I want to go for Spider-Verse, male cousin does too
>female cousin wants to go to the Hanna Grace movie
>put it up to vote
>pretty much divided, mom doesn't care and would go to either one
>invite brother to this
>he wants that horror flick too
>flashforward to the theatre
>no showings for Hannah Grace until tomorrow
>mfw hell fucking yes I win in the end
>mom goes to buy tickets
>tell her to get tickets for spider-verse
>she ends up getting tickets for Bumblebee
>normally I'd be ok with that since I also wanted to watch that but I'd rather go for Spider-Verse first
>she said was ok with the other two
>ask her why picking a third option if Spider-Verse was on
>"anon those are just cartoons nobody wants to watch that"

Anyways Bumblebee was pretty well done and that's how I got to watch it