Spider-Man Far From Home Spoilers

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>There are roughly 3 to 5 elemental creatures. 4 of them confirmed to be sand, water, stone and fire.
>Mysterio main villain.
>Chameleon may be features in the post credit scene.
>Peter's suit takes damage is going to be replaced during the film during the carnival fight.
>Movie's final fight is a 1v1 fight betweem Spider-Man and Mysterio.
>Leading up to the final fight, Mysterio beats Spider-Man and forces SHIELD to come and rescue him.
>Peter will fight more acrobatically than he did in Homecoming and focus on tactics.
>Peter's movements are very spider-like. He also definitely punches in the movie. One of his punches crack's Mysterio's dome helmet.
>Relationship between Fury and Peter is a big focus of the movie.
>Fury tries to be serious, but Peter constantly cracks jokes.
>Fury thinks Stark must have been an idiot to recruit "a kid who is still doing his homework".
>No helicarrier in the movie.
>SHIELD is manipulated by Mysterio, causing trust issues.
>Peter has PTSD post-Infinity War/Endgame.
>He realizes being an Avenger is no joke and people can actually die being a hero.
>Uncle Ben is mentioned in the movie several times.
>May mentions Uncle Ben to Happy during a conversation.
>Mysterio uses Uncle Ben's grave to guilt Peter through illusions.
>Peter blames himself for his uncle's death.
>Mysterio's illusions are horrric. Peter hallucinates being back at an abandon Midtown High where all of his classmates are actually zombies.
>Movie has a very comedic tone overall.
>Movie ends with Peter and Michelle back in NYC in a relationship.