Toonami Ratings for 12/8/18

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Gundam IBO S2 rerun will replace Lupin this Saturday. Yea just S2, if you thought the rerun portion ratings couldn’t get any lower lmao

There will be a Super marathon on December 22nd. There is an extra slot at the end for this night only so they can air all current ToP episodes. Prepare for god tier ratings just like last year

There will be a Boruto marathon on December 29th ya know. Surely since people avoid this schlock for Naruto, second time will be the charm ya know.

Footage from Black Clover S2 was used in the recent lineup promo, so it’s highly likely that it is continuing immediately

Last weeks numbers were average, the front was down from the previous week, but the reruns were up. And of course, our guy Chadsta blew out most of the lineup. This week, AoT moves to the rerun portion where it belongs and we start Megalo Box, the first sports anime to air on modern Toonami. And it’s the only show with anything positive to talk about this week, with a respectable gain in viewership off Mob. That said, everything still did fucking terrible, with most shows in the 200k range.

9:00 Dragon Ball Z Kai (r) 462 0.17 218

9:30 My Hero Academia (r) 370 0.14 176

10:00 Naruto: Shippuden (r) 342 0.13 172

10:30 Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 366 0.14 180

11:00 Dragon Ball Super 498 0.21 271

11:30 Mob Psycho 100 272 0.12 154

12:00a Megalobox (p) 310 0.14 176

12:30a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable 244 0.11 138

1:00a Black Clover (r) 229 0.10 128

1:30a Hunter X Hunter (r) 240 0.11 138

2:00a Attack on Titan (r) 267 0.12 154

2:30a Pop Team Epic (r) 201 0.09 113

3:00a Lupin the 3rd: Part 4 (r) 207 0.09 122

3:30a Samurai Jack (r) 222 0.10 125