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Anybody else pony watch cartoons because they're all that's left?

I miss when games were just games, and they weren't ashamed of it. Why does Mario collect coins? BECAUSE ITS A FUCKING VIDEO GAME THAT'S WHY FAGGOT. If board games all tried to become SJW movie simulators, people would be "nostalgic" for scrabble and monopoly.

AAA cunts don't understand that classics like Megaman, Castlevania, Sonic, Metroid, Zelda, and so on, are not "inferior relics of their time" but fun games with their own unique rules and mechanics that their modern "updates" completely lack.

Imagine if they stopped making ovens toasters and grills the second the microwave came out. That's how fucking stupid mainstream video game publishers are.

AI hasn't advanced since PS2, physics haven't advanced since PS3, no new storage format, no new tech (like online or Bluetooth), the RAM boost from PS3 to 4 was enough to display as many objects as you'll ever need, etc…

There's nothing to do but small graphics improvements 99% of people won't give a single fuck about due to DIMINISHING RETURNS. I give zero shits about games looking better than they do now.

What I do care about is the development costs spiking AGAIN while decimating the install base, making it so that awesome niche games don't get made until the install base builds back up again over 10 years. Yay! Less games and less risk taking for another 10 years! Oh, and 300 gb game installs on a 1 TB hard drive.