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South Park - The Scoots

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Trick or treat everyone! It's me, your old pal Butters, and we're back from dark week! Boy howdy, it's that time of the year again isn't it? I've got my Fortnite costume ready, my flossing moves memorized, and I'm not even grounded this week either! I dunno about you fellers, but my sweet tooth and I sure are ready for a scary good all-new episode of South Park airing tonight at 10/9c! Hey, that's an hour and thirty minutes from the time of this spooky post! Neato!

>The Scoots - This year, a revolution in mobility is changing Halloween for everyone. Chaos erupts as every kid is out to get more candy than they have ever gotten before. Mr. Mackey and the rest of the adults ate hording emergency supplies and hoping to survive until morning.

Well, at least we don't have to deal with any of those kidnapping witch fellers this year! And while everyone else is out getting candy, I'll be getting product from the house down the street giving out Starburst-flavored vape pens!