Avengers 4 leaks and MCU's future

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-Only Dr. Strange comes back from the snap.
-The Time Stone is enchanted to bring back Dr. Strange from a Time Vortex in the Quantum Realm generated during the negotiations with Dormamu. Dr. Strange only has memories up until the end of his movie.
-The Dr. Strange that experienced Thor: R and A: IF died in the Snap.
-Strange brings Lang back from the Quantum Realm with him.
-The Infinity Stones don't rule over the Quantum Realm.
-The plan involves going in and out of it to gather energy from the Quantum Realm so Captain Marvel can destroy the Stones.
-Strange is the one taking the team in and out of the Quantum Realm.
-Meanwhile, Thor and Hulk hold off a new TBA enemy.
-All future MCU featuring snapped characters seem to be going to be prequels, except a few.
-Not prequels: Dr. Strange 2, Ant-Man 3, Eternals, Guardians 3 (G3 is now pending)
-No time travel. B.A.R.F. powered sciences to put Lang and Strange up to date.

-when "prequels" are mentioned it refers to the overall continuity. It means prequels to A: IF, not prequels to other standalone films.