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Are You Ready for the Adventure Time Season 11 Comic from a Guy Who Hasn't Really Watched the Show?

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>“I hadn’t watched many animated series since the heyday of The Simpsons, but once I sat down and watched Adventure Time, I was immediately hooked,” said Sonny Liew, writer for Adventure Time Season 11. “It gave me a sense of afternoons spent watching cartoons as a kid, somehow appealing to both the adult and kid inside you. I didn’t try to analyze the form or structure too much, wanting to just enjoy the series on its own… but I suppose now I’m working on scripts for the comics, I’ll have to watch it again with a different lens, and try to figure out the methods behind the magic.”

When were the heydays of the Simpsons, 1990? I think Lieu just said he hasn't liked animated shows for about 25-30 years.