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Shuffle the deck

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ITT we post our ideas for reassigning the current writers/artists for the Big 2 onto new and existing titles.

>DC picks

Give King/Seeley and Gerads Nightwing

Tomasi on Tec with Capullo as artist as often as possible

Warren Ellis on Batman with Declan Shalvey

Morrison on Batman Beyond with Phil Hester, Hellblazer with Sejic and staying on GL with Sharpe too

Superman would go to Mark Russell with Doc Shaner on art

Action goes to Johns with rotating artists and he stays in Shazam too

Simone writes WW

Humphries on Aquaman with Federici

If Bendis must stay he can have Harley Quinn

Williamson on TT, Lemire on Titans

Jurgens on The Flash with Rocafort on art

Put Busiek on the JSA relaunch with Michael Cho on art.