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Superman deserves Bendis

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>in his first 3 decades of existence DC was so protective of this meme character they straight up killed other publishers just to ensure his success (see: Fawcett and Captain Marvel, the birth of the Comics Code Authority and the death of EC and its kind)
>his comics got stale and boring extremely quickly, by the 50's it was nothing but retarded "Superman gets into some wacky situation but he pulls a new power out of his ass to save the day" half the time and "this is an imaginary story so we don't have to actually give a shit when handing out this script" the other half
>by the 60's readers had gotten so tired of Superman's childish shit that they went by droves to Marvel and even DC realized they had been focusing on the wrong character when the Bat-mania blew up all over the world
>not even the winning team of O'Neil on writing duties and Adams on covers that had saved Batman and Green Lantern/Green Arrow could do anything for Superman, to this day the sandman arc is a highly memed but honestly really lousy arc
>Superman had gotten so shitty by the 80's that DC did a clean slate with his continuity and let John Byrne, Marvel superstar, go wild with him, the results remain controversial to this day and many claim he neutered Superman, in other words, made a failure even worse
>hasn't had a genuinely, objectively good run since the 90's, if you could consider any of the previous runs "good". To this very day people have to recommend modern Superman runs through gritted teeth