They're gonna make her a hell of a Mary Sue, aren't they?

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>"Spear of Selene" goes out of its way to dispel any notion of Della being anything less than an absolute badass, as if the show laughs at the mere idea.
>The show's official comics portray her as unable to do any wrong in her adventures with Scrooge and Donald (while also being oblivious to her brother's misery if not actively finding it hilarious). She's also Scrooge's favorite.
>Every time Angones answers something about her is to reaffirm she was always a step ahead of Don, whether it was getting along with Gladstone (because she was "always a little more unflappable than Donald") winning every single prank war against Don growing up, or being smart enough to become the older twin ("Donald started breaking through the shell first but got stuck halfway through. Della busted out the back.")

Her mystery hasn't been solved in the show proper and they could surprise us; but it's been 80+ years, the character wasn't really Needed, yet whatever NuDuckTales does with her will be the accepted canon in American media from now on...And I fear they're gonna botch it to hell and back. What a waste it'd be for a character with such potential to end up as yet another one dimensional pain in Donald's ass.