Steven Universe, non-binary representation, and the gap between audience and creator.

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So, a few days back, Rebecca Sugar gave this interview on NPR where she comes out as a non-binary woman and talks about how much it means to her to be able to pour that piece of herself into her characters, who are, themselves, non-binary women.

(To head off the inevitable questions, no, "non-binary woman" is not an oxymoron. There are plenty of non-binary people who feel sometimes or partly aligned with one or both binary genders. You can be occasionally in the neighborhood of womanhood without being 100% woman 100% of the time. It's not an experience I can speak to, personally, but whatever. It's a thing.)

And it really makes me think about how what you put into a piece of art as a creator is not necessarily what your audience is going to take away on the other side.