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So last night Alex Hirsch, Dana T, Daron Nefcy, and Eden Sher did another charity stream where they did doodles for donors. During which he made some comments that were interesting:

On the CalArts style:

>Alex theorizes the reason so many CalArts grads are finding success is because they force you to make a film every year. So students are learning how to do all the aspects of showrunning, including animating, composition, sound, etc. A lot of art school students party and play video games for four years and then wonder at the end why they spent all this money and didn't charge into the industry.

On nepotism in the industry:

>Alex had several friends who would pitch shows, get really offended when they got rejected, and would just quit, making excuses forever why they didn't and someone else did. Daron, however, would keep trying and changing things and eventually got Star greenlit. Someone in chat mentions that Nickelodeon rejected Adventure Time and Alex says that Pen kept trying as well.

On advice for artists and getting hired:

>Alex says to put all your art out there on twitter, tumblr, instagram, etc. People who hire artists really do go online and look at interesting stuff, find the source, find who they're following, etc. Dana mentions her storyboarders were all found on twitter and Daron says she's found people for Star Vs. on tumblr. Alex mentions that most of the artists for the upcoming Gravity Falls graphic novel were fanartists they found online. He also stresses how important it is to have some way to contact you, even a separate job-online email. Also, to make an account exclusively for art and your best pieces showcased so they don't have to wade through the usual social media junk.