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Hey co I’m making an original animated series I wanna throw up on youtube and wanted to get some opinion on things.
The series takes place in a carrot asteroid station.
The basic premise: he ship arrived/drilled into the place, then the clone bunnies were awaken and set out to build all the facilities for future arriving scientists (that never came, and no connection back home could be reached). The ship itself contains possible scp esque style creatueres/items (that possibly were let loose, or are contained within the ship).
The clones after finishing the task started wandering around aimlessly at first, but eventually built up a type of clone society. The animations would revolve around the hijinks of the clones and their experiences with items/living and dealing with the spooky creatures/items.
The thing I have been trying to ponder is this: since the bunnies are all based on one clone, are their personalities more or less the same, or since enough time have they developed individual ones and thus being sorta like their own characters. Or should the characters act in “cluster” form but be interchangeable more or less (like say science bunnies all wear the same clothing and act/speak the same way, and if anything happens to one another one takes its place and its like nothing ever changed, so in theory there’s only several types of characters in the station designated by their work type).
Would all names be based on bun- get tiring fast or is it something that works.
In terms of format, is it better to try to focus on one item/creature per animation (like lordbungs scp series) or do it in like a asdf/popteam style shorts that jump around in one animation.