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Adventure Time

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Binged it over the past few days up to the end of season 6. What I think:

Season 1: Good
Season 2: Good, but in the middle it becomes great
Season 3: Great
Season 4: Great, but near the end, it loses steam
Season 5.1: Mediocre aside from like 8 episodes
Season 5.2: Good, aside from Finn character derailment and some episodes (e.g., the breakup arc)
Season 6: Fluctuates heavily. A few episodes are great, a few are poor, most episodes are a bit boring but border on being good; overall, inferior to season 5; very dependent on "deep"ness and experimental storytelling which can succeed or fail and mainly failed with me. The finale is clearly the least good out of all the finales, discounting season 1.

I do think that seasons 1 through 4 are the "classic/good" seasons of AT and after that, it gets spotty. I honestly didn't think I would have enjoyed rewatching those seasons as much as I did. At season 5 it became hard to keep watching (until the second half), then at season 6 it became REALLY hard to keep watching and I was wondering if I was burnt out (and season 6 is also where I stopped watching while it was airing). Apparently it gets better in season 7; here's hoping. I'm curious about those miniseries.