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I met her, /co/. I dreamt that I was floating through space and got swept through a portal and I was greeted by her presence.

I was flabbergasted, and immediately ran to embrace her. I held on tight while I felt her skinny arms wrap around me. I had never felt so happy, so comfortable and whole. My mind was a jumbled mess, spewing spaghetti as I began asking her about her job. I questioned about enchantment, if the original mind is intact, or does it deliberately wash into dormancy, awakening at certain intervals.

She grinned, and spoke to me with a voice so soft, yet firm. Reassuring and stern, but friendly and sincere. She said, "you would have to find out, if you wanted to. Or, you can stay here for eternity, with your mind and soul at rest."

My body was throbbing at the exciting news I didn't bother to process. To stay with Star forever? I can't imagine anyone passing up on that offer. I told her that I wanted to stay, with her. Again, I embraced her. She muttered under breath, "but, you can't." Suddenly, I felt my collective weight surge into my chest, and abruptly dropped to my feet.

I spoke in disappointment, "it's because you're not real, isn't it? You're only a concept of joy, personified as a perky teenage girl to help alleviate the fear of the unknown, when we change. I'm no better than a waifu-wishing moron."

I felt her smile warmly into my chest, and break the embrace for a moment so she could speak, "No. Because it isn't your time, yet." She placed her soft pale hand on my cheek with a reassuring stroke, then pinched it like any grandma would. "Look for a girl who looks like me when you wake up, in the meantime before we meet again. You'll find her."

Her words revitalized my doubts and felt complete again. Then she slowly faded away into darkness and I woke up.

It was so bittersweet, and I feel weightless.