Russos won't direct DC movies because DC characters "too unrelatable, too powerful"

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>This past Wednesday, Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo took the stage at a special event sponsored by the Smithsonian Associates, the educational programming branch of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. As the brothers took questions from the audience about their work, one fan asked if the siblings had any interest in adapting any DC Comics properties given the other studio’s darker sensibilities in tone and visuals in contrast to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

>In response, the Russos shrugged off the possibility, with Anthony Russo revealing that the brothers were always bigger fans of Marvel over DC growing up while Joe Russo remarked he still had a closet full of his old Marvel Comics at home.

>Joe continued that the DC Comics characters largely felt unrelatable and had power sets that were too similar and powerful in comparison to their Marvel counterparts; as the sibling filmmakers had grown up in Cleveland while the city was in bankruptcy and the butt of many a joke on late night talk shows, they felt more connected to the underdog characters that the Marvel Universe provided.

>Before ending their rebuttal to the question, Joe offered that he found Batman to be among the most interesting of the DC Comics superheroes as the character’s humanity and fallibility in contrast to his peers on the Justice League made him significantly more fascinating.