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I stopped regularly keeping up with comics before this shit came out, but apparently it's getting a TV show. Is it any good or is it the usual Garth Ennis edge for edge sake?
Just wondering if the trades are worth picking up next time I look at expanding my collection.
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Was 2008 the best year for capeshit?
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Wait.../co/, did avatar really not have anybody blonde (or ginger) in the whole show?
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What will you do to win the race?
Also YTPMV thread
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this show good
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>does nothing in the movie

WHY? Shit, Mary literally was more useful before transforming.
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When is the rest of Season 3 supposed to come out?
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>DC produces nothing but shit for the past 6 years
>Suddenly comes out with this and tops 90% of the MCU
How did they do it, bros?
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