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_Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Flag 0_: Shinichi is a negative boy, that's what people keeps on. He is bullied by his classmates and is semi-forced to rape his upperclassman Akiharu. In the first episode of this anime ??????(???????, Aizawa no Sazhi?) , the characters of this anime are a little boy and a girl. They are living together with their best friend Akio. Their school, they live in a small village where everything is clean- air, sunlight... But when their best friend Akiko tells her they will meet up together soon, she wants to meet with Akio to show him what sort of life life is... What kind of life. And the main character of this anime is this dark, dark girl called Shiru Sekai, who happens to look older than her 15th birthday, and she tries to stop Shiru from becoming a boy. What's going on here?

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