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So who is your favorite character in all of anime?
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Boku no Hero Academia

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do you prefer vigilantes or the main series?
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Reminder that Hinata is the best waifu

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>uses her Byakugan to check Naruto's wallet and recommend a suitable restaurant for his budget

what a good girl
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What happens when newtypes have sex?
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Why don't encoders use h.265 to save bandwidth?
Also what's the point of FLAC for fucking anime.
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Anyone know this little gem?
Where can I find the original japanese uncut version?
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This is the final boss, Ayanon, Lord of Cinder
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SSSS Gridman

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Look, actual mechs unlike DITF.
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Dragon Ball Super

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Jiren > Gohan = Kefla > Kale > Blue Goku/Blue Vegeta/Toppo >= Golden Freeza
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Asobi Asobase

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Olivia is smelly, has acne and is unintelligent.
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