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The adolescence of Prince Keppi
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Vagabond fans, post your favorite pages.
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I was kicked from an Anime Club for having an opinion

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Basically wondering other people's opinion of the matter.
A discussion went on about cosplay and I stated, "I'm not a fan of when fat people cosplay as thin characters or when black people cosplay as white characters". Now I meant it all vice versa because I love cosplays which are well done and are very accurate to the character portrayed. I think people should do it if they enjoy it but it may not be a good cosplay from my viewpoint.
I was instantly though labelled as a racist and forced to apologize which didn't meet their desires because I apologized for saying it badly and wouldn't say the opinion was wrong.
I got a fucking ton of hate from the other club leaders (I was actually the Vice President) by being called tons of horrible things and then forced to resign a day later.
All because I loved accurate cosplay.

Did they overreact? or is it just me who thinks that way?
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Dumb, worthless goddess
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Come get your last helping of Nagoya cat until season 2 comes around.
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One Piece

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Is this a devil fruit awakening? Look at how the collar bends before it comes off, and we dont even see Luffy pull his own off. Maybe Oda didn’t want to show it to be too obvious about it
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Boku no Hero Academia

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Discussion thread for Chapter 21 of the mango; the final chapter of the USJ arc and in turn Season 1 of the anime (obviously corresponds to the end of Episode 13).
Note that the first OVA canonically as in, Hori wrote it takes place between this chapter and the next (for anyone who is interested/hasn't seen it yet)
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Shingeki no Kyojin

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No shipfaggotry allowed edition
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