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/ss/ - Secret Santa (Part II)

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The original thread is now archived and want to continue the discussion here till SantaGrunt post an official thread for it. From original info.

Hey anons, it's time for another /ss/ thread!

Reminder, please make sure that we are able to edit your signup form when you send it in!

The deadline to sign-up is SUNDAY - OCTOBER 28TH
We're two weeks out, so get started on your list if you haven't already. Applications will be accepted until the end of that day.
Threads are being held weekly on the weekends.
If you need any help, please feel free to ask here or e-mail!

E-mail -
Next two posts will be FAQ and Sign-up form!

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>wants to build a "utopia" where all species are equal
>even though it's quite obvious that humans will get the short end of the stick and be treated like cattle
Ainz is a mass murderer who deserves nothing more than execution at the hands of Climb or Touch Me. It's frankly disgusting how many OLfags defend his reprehensible actions.
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is the gratuitous rape and abuse of women a legitimate narrative device

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One Punch Man

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Why is the manga so boring now?
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Saotome Shimai

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What happened to the anon that kept dumping raw chapters?
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Make or request /a/rt.
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Zombieland Saga

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Hai domo!
Zombie idol Sakura Minamoto dess!
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Which side wins in a team battle?
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I can understand they want to use this design for female characters but guys looks fucking terrible with it.

Do you think this will be the most popular anime of 2019?
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Kaguya Wants to Be Confessed 124 - Yu Ishigami's Culture Festival

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Ishigami is trying to ask her senpai out
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