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Darling in the Franxx

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She died for your sins.[\spoiler]
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Serial Experiments Lain

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Explain this series
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Pre-2000 anime

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Whatch Watchin?
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one piece

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can't wait to meet him in Wano
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was his eye in the bubble
did he steal it back
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Darling in the Franxx

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What is his endgame /a/?
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Dragon Ball Super

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>Trains for his whole life and meditates
>Is stronger than GoDs

>Trains for his whole life and meditates
>Is weaker than your average ToP fodder

Why is that?
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Boku no Hero Academia

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Post characters with lots of potential who were ruined by Horikoshi

>be Tsuyu
>introduced as having a highly unique, lovable design and personality
>is an odd yet cute frog girl and breaks the generic cat girl anime trope
>come USJ, is shown to be a badass, intelligent and among the most competent in 1A
>saves grape and the MC from certain death against a fishman, analyzes the situation and plans out the best course of action alongside him
>after USJ, weirdly she never interacts with the MC again despite their willingness to sacrifice their lives for each other against Shiggy and Nomu
>generally does nothing over the next 100 chapters
>helps contribute to Deku, Tokoyami and Ochako's character development over this period but undergoes zero development herself
>somewhere in-between she becomes a lawfag out of the blue and for some unknown fucking reason because Hori
>has a really great quirk with an unknown number of useful frog abilities, as well as enhanced flexibility and physical strength
>gaining experience in combat would greatly complement her quirk!
>instead she only uses her tongue to slap stuff and is relegated to being a pure support hero
>joins the Overhaul arc internship team, will she finally receive development ... ?!
>nope, she does nothing the entire arc
>30 chapters later, still nothing
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How do we bring back otaku /a/?
Nowadays, every poster here fits into at least one of these categories:
>ironic weeb
If you aren't an otaku you need to get the fuck off of /a/.
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Uma Musume Pretty Derby

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How does Special Week rank as an MC?
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