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Is there romance manga seinen that that doesn't make fun of virgins but instead promotes chaste relationships. Every University setting seinen I read seems to be a sex romp and hoes
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Black Clover

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You know, Asta's really starting to grow on me. He's not a bad protagonist. He's basically Naruto without the chip on his shoulder, so he's not picking fights with people left and right. I'm not understanding his harem, though. Why does this girl even like him? They barely exchanged two sentences of dialogue.
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What the FUCK were they thinking with this?
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spoilers soon
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One Piece

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Let's be real here, this is the series peak
>Luffy catatonic
>Marineford on the verge of collapse
>Whitebeard pirates being annihilated
>Akainu going completely ballistic
>Blackbeard being powerdrunk with the stolen Gura Gura

Especially after Oda gave us the easily predictable b8 of WB staying behind to hold back the Navy only to have both him and Ace dead in less than 3 chapters.

Prove me wrong.
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Boku no Hero Academia

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Does she want his dick?
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Dragon Ball Super

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Who do you like better designwise?
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Will this fill the void while I wait for more Dragon Ball?
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Release the Spyce

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Momo looks uncharacteristically pretty here.
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