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Place your bets on how they're gonna translate this line in the Netflix release
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Distant Dawn

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Continuing yesterday's dump of Distant Dawn (, a collection of sci-fi short stories by Hoshino Yukinobu (2001 Nights, Stardust Memories, Professor Munakata). This particular collection contains mostly his earlier stories from the late 70s and 80s.
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Star Twinkle Precure

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Behold your true goddess!
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How the hell am I supposed to hate this guy? The mangaka is making him extremely likable. Also, why the hell the chapters are so short?
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post you're waifus
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Happy Rebirthday to the best Jojo.
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I don't get it. Why did both of them consistently underestimate Rubinksy and the Terrarists?
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When will Abe start funding pregnancy animes?

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it's every girl's dream
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Chainsaw Man

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Viz chapter 19 dump
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Go-Toubun no Hanayome

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Ichika into the fire
Who's the best girl? Obviously Ninu.
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