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Fisting Thread

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The old fisting thread is about to die, so let's start a new one
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Artist dump

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This is a dump of the artist MJEsperandieu. Don't know much about them other then they stopped being active after y! gallery went tits up. I always loved the humor he puts in. Some fag was requesting more in a Code Lyoko thread, figured I would share.
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Hypnosis & Mind Control

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Last thread seems to have died.
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new marototori thread! all the old pics from the last thread are here:

starting this off with a new pixiv box
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Mabatake Thread Pt. 2

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Let’s start posting here cuz the last thread just reached limit
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Devilman Crybaby

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Who has some Devilman Crybaby? If you have some Devilman, that works too.
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Facial Hair

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Beards, mustaches, goatees.
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