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post pics you want colored, and the character its based on, be patient and don't rush the person if you're request is accepted. also i dont do any of the coloring
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Kimetsu no yaiba thread

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Hawaiian men thread

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Show some of that Aloha spirit!
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Be honest: How many of you get aroused at Free?

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Male Celebs

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Art drawn of male celebrities or porn stars. For men representing characters on the big screen, like Marvel, make sure the art looks like the celebrity.
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Osomatsu thread

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Mostly Ichijyushi, but other pairings are welcome
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Screenshot Edit thread

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Rules and Guidelines:
- Screenshots from cartoons and anime (OFFICIAL MATERIAL ONLY, NO FANART I FUCKING REPEAT: NO FAN ART). These have more chance to get edited.
- Ilustrations, comics and uncensoring are also welcomed, as long as they are also official. Some comics are harder to edit so be patient.
- Game material can also be asked but preferably in 2D. Trickier stuff like 3D are up to editors.
- The better the quality of the image, the better the result.
- Preferably pics with fewer clothes, visible body contour and good ammount of crotch.
- Be nice to the editors and please be patient. Also, be nice to non-editors.
- Try not to get mad at people, this thread is just for fun.
- Requests about fanart or anything that does not involve nuding a character (like coloring or editing on photoshop) does not belong in this thread.
- Always add nipples to nippless pics
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Good Omens?

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Checks a lot of boxes; wings, demon/angel, innocence/corruption, etc
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Ishimondo thread

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Ichan/Sneedham thread

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Old thread died. As EFT has been thoroughly mapped in the drive, I think we should be focusing on IC and EFT this time.
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