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Dragon Quest thread

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lets honor their induction into Smash Bros by having a DQ thread! all heroes welcome
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Army Uniforms / Rainbow Six Siege

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I've recently developed a hyperfixation on R6S and am in desperate need of moar.
With the addition of tumblr straight up deleting fun I have no real way to find anything so please hook a sad man up
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Artist Drive Thread, sort of?

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Not sure what happened to the last one or what's going on with the whole copyright claim thing. But I'm more just wondering if anyone has the list of what Reddblush packs are missing, I'm willing to buy some of them but I don't know which are missing.
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Final fantasy thread

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Let's celebrate FFVIII remake and ffviii remake..other ff are welcomed.
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All your fantasy boys here, demons, elf’s, elves, catboys, dragonboys and slime boys are all welcome.
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Pokémon Male Swimmer Thread

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Thread of Male Swimmers from the Pokemon games. (except the swimmers from the Sun and Moon games. They look ugly with the beards)
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This is it, killing myself today /y/, have finally had enough
>family despises me
>dad molested me when i was 5
>older sister recently came out as transgender and said he has feelings for me
>murder of that goth girl has made me lose all hope since I gave her money and loved her
unironically not dealing with this shit anymore.

Stream link + quick rundown:

Thanks for always being my favorite board btw
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post pics you want colored, and the character its based on, be patient and don't rush the person if you're request is accepted. also i dont do any of the coloring
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