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Yaoi Discussion Thread #4

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Read anything good recently? Drop your recs and read along here. Let's keep the BL Ball rolling guys

Bonus question:
>What was the first BL you read? How does it compare to the things you read now?

Previous thread: >>2652228
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Ranma/Ryoga Yaoi

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Anyone have some? I'm OK with either one being the seme.
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Can we get a kawoshin thread going?
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Tutorial Thread

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Help some artists draw porn and by some artists i mean me, feel free to share any tutorial including, bodies, penis and etc
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Can we get a thread on this guy. Underrated in my opinion and I haven't seen alot of stuff on him
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Calling all artists

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Girls, guys, if any of you are artists, post your work (including WIPs) here!
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Yugioh 2

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Last Thread reach image limit
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Red Dead Redemption

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Post them
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DC Comics

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