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Here's a transgender hentai so sad that I've never managed to nut to it.

Bump if you accept the challenge and report back with your results and thoughts.

Name: In Full Swing
https://nhentai net/g/114426/
gotta add the dot before net yourself.
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Time for more worshiping of the delicious slabs of meat and muscle topped by luscious sensitive nipples in need of nursing and pleasure.

Small and normal pecs are fine, too, show love for all sizes and shapes of manmaries.
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We really need Aenaluck's art !
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who has it without censorship
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Tentacle thread

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Street Fighter

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Since the old thread died.
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Am I the only guy here who likes yaoi but has not interest in dating/fucking men?
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Can we get a thread on this guy. Underrated in my opinion and I haven't seen alot of stuff on him
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[Translation Request] [Haikibutsushorijou (Haiki)] BearSong

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Hopefully someone here is interested in translating this!
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