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Elf thread

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Show your best stuff /y/
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why is this board so dead?

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where is everyone posting the porn now? on tumblr certainly it isn't.
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Robots ver. 8

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old thread: >>2545145
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Dark Souls

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We need a dark souls thread, starting off with my favorite, Solaire!
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Catherine Thread

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anything with rin and vincent pls
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Kiryu Kazuma or Yakuza porn (From the game of course)
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DC Comics

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Post your latest explicit works, make requests, get and make feedback, try not to kill each other.
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Hyper Muscle

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"Obscenely" big is just enough.
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Translation request!

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Artist: Sushipuri
Honestly a fan of most of their work, especially involving this cute blonde.

Can we work on a translation?
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