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Read anything good recently? Drop your recs and read along here!

Voting for Kono BL ga Yabai is open, submit your favourite BL released between 22 Sept '18 and 21 Sept '19 here:

Bonus question:
>What's the worst/most poorly made BL you've ever read? How would you change it to be better?

Previous thread: >>2656816
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Western Animation

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Can we good a good western animation thread going?
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Chat Noir

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Let's post this cutie
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Hawaiian men thread

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Show some of that Aloha spirit!
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Coloring Request v2

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New coloring thread.
Post pictures you want to be colored.

Be patient, dont rush the colorfags if your request doesnt get done.
Send lineart of a drawing or of a manga page and make sure to add the characters name.
Please only use high res pictures.
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Uncensoring thread v2

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Forced Orgasm Thread

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Last time got deleted cause furry
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Robots ver. 8

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old thread: >>2545145
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Star Wars

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Last thread got archived. Not on my watch >(

Toss in your fair share and post all of the smuts you have of the space boys. Bonus points for anything of Darth Vader, Boba, or the stormtroopers
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