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Cells at work thread

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Megane Thread

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post your bespectacled boys here! (the dorkier the better imo)
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Total drama

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Haven’t seen these guys in a while.
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Elias Ainsworth Thread?

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Not much love for Ainsworth, let's show him our appreciation! <3
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original content/character thread part the seventh

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Welcome to the OC thread, where personal works are encouraged to be posted and constructively criticized, note- requests are for the drawthread, not here
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Little Top/Big bottom

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Previous thread hit bump limit.

When the boy makes the man his bitch.
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How do you guys keep on living without Tumblr porn?

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Millions of NSFW drawings are lost forever. Beatuiful things we will never see again. Knoweldge lost for the ages, but at least, it gave us pleasure once...

If anyone has that comic of Nathan Drake finding some golden dildo and putting it in his ass under some curse please share it because I can't find it anywhere and I miss it, I MISS NSFW TUMBLR SO MUCH, Why do I keep living? 2019 will be shit.
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Male nudity thread v2?

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