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Abused/Raped/Violated slave boys.
Here we go!!
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Peter parker Spiderverse

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We need a thread of this sexy trash daddy
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I need your help, help me to end the Cockville game, I have been playing for days but the game is premium at a level higher than 16 so I can only unlock the scenes by buying a package, the most optional is the one that costs $ 100.00 Dollars, to all those who support me leave me your email when they send the support and I will send you the HD photos as well as the full video of the scenas of each character.

This is my paypal account:
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Ace thread

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I’ve looked all over and haven’t really found anything of note. Crap images on R34, a couple doujins he’s hardly in. I even went to deviantart but no. Typical I like a not well known character. Anything would be appreciated thanks.
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BDSM / Bondage Thread

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Promare thread

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Can we get a thread on this guy. Underrated in my opinion and I haven't seen alot of stuff on him
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oc/original content thread

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part the reason 6 was afraid of 7
Welcome to the OC thread, where personal works are encouraged to be posted and constructively criticized, note- requests are for the drawthread, not here
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Dark Souls

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We need a dark souls thread, starting off with my favorite, Solaire!
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