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Rate thread

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Can believe one hasn't popped up yet.
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old thread hit the bump limit >>2598502

let's keep it vile and violent boys
image is from
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oc/original content thread

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part the reason 6 was afraid of 7
Welcome to the OC thread, where personal works are encouraged to be posted and constructively criticized, note- requests are for the drawthread, not here
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Latex thread

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Been a while, share what ya got
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Yaoi Discussion Thread

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Why doesn't /y/ have any discussion threads? In /u/, there are many threads dedicated to the discussion of yuri anime and manga, with threads even being dedicated to the discussion of specific series, so why is that not the case here? I'd love to discuss yaoi manga and anime with y'all, but it seems the only threads here are for image dumping.
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Devil May Cry

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New DMC thread, post your demonboy lewds
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Astolfo Thread

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red from pokemon sun and moon thread

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im in fucking love with him and i have like hudreds of old nsfw drawings of him but im having a hard time finding new ones for the past year because of patreon and tumblr and stuff going on soo anyone got stuff of him?
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mabatake thread

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enty rewards!
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One piece
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