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Translation Request

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Name is Hamu by Camisado. I'll upload all the pages here. 1/45
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Cat boys

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Catboys > catgirls
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Childhood Ruined

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Mega Man

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>Mega Man, X, and Zero general.
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Rate My Artist Taste Thread

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I'm in love with Hydaria
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Cock Milking: Men as cummy livestock.
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Lost and Found

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Looking for a specific image and google just ain’t cutting it? Describe it here and maybe someone here has what you’re looking for.

I’ll start.

I’ve been looking for something from Hero Academia. It had, I think, Shinsou peering into a room where Mic and Aizawa were doing the do and Aizawa sees him spying and holds his finger up to his lips in a shushing motion.

Anyone have this?

(Image from [youko] Schrodinger no Neko -
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New JoJo Thread! Starting off will a little la squadra
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Fire Emblem

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