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Super Smash Bros

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Super smash bros yaoi requesr thread
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Masturbation thread.

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Just guys enjoying their time alone.
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Comparing Cocks

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Comparing different penises. No sex involved.
Bonus points for size difference, envy, and/or situations where nudity is normal (locker room, showers, etc)
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Why isn't there a yuri!!! on ice thread? Disgusting. Bonus points for confident yuri, shocked victor, yuris' swept back hair during Eros and their engagement rings

Otabek and yurio also encouraged highly
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Boys acting like pets. Bonus if they use strap and necklace
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Anything related to Nitro+CHiRAL's works. Official art, ingame CGs, fanart, anniversary art, whatever goes.
>Dramatical Murder
>Lucky Dog
>Sweet Pool
>Togainu no Chi

Various contents (kemonomimi, blood/violence/rape/guro, foodplay, amputation, vanilla, a blind slut with a green penis), proceed at your own discretion.
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Ryu Hayabusa

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Lithe? Muscular? Penchant for black leather? Count me in.
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Uncensoring Thread

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I know, it kinda looks like an edit thread.
But the editing threads are kinda more about "can you add a dick on…"

And since some others thought it would be a good idea to create an uncensoring thread, here we go.

Im gonna send some pics i uncensored myself to start the thread, feel free to send requests, i'll do them.
Or at least try my best.

Basically, just send pics with lines on the dick, or pixelised ones, images with watermarks, etc.
Keep in mind that this is not an edit or draw thread, and dont ask to add dick on a character or sum shet.
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Mating press thread

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Bonus for instant loss
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