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BLCD drama

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Is there a site where i can find pirated BLCDs? Could be either a japanese or english site, i just want them for free. I got into this a few days ago and damn, i should have started listening to them earlier because the seiyuu's voices are hot. I found some on youtube and a couple more online, but I'm sure the japanese sites have more in circulation.
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This was going to be a Sword Art Online post, but I changed my mind. Gimme Patalliro! yaoi content!
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Plump, Juicy Holes

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Post plump, juicy boyholes. The more fuckable, the better. Please none that are actually in the act of being fucked.
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New Blowjob Thread

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Ass In The Air

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This position is fucking lethal to me, especially seen from a low angle. Having the head down is not required so long as there's a full display. Please post more.
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needs more rape and violence

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Post stories/images/vids of cute guys being forcibly fucked or beaten while struggling/crying/screaming.

Image is from Mentaiko's Itai Itai Itai

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Post shit that gives you a confused/guilty boner.

Jerry Orbach is rolling in his grave.
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All Might/Toshinori Yagi

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Anything with All Might. Any form or fetish(except for scat and piss please). As long as it's All Might it's alright.
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Daddy Naruto

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I am claiming that the only HOT version of Naruto is when he became the daddy to Boruto and Himawari.

Now let's dump all the naughty pics of DILF Naruto whenever Hinata isn't looking!

1.) NO Incest (No Boruto of course!)
2.) DILF Version only (No Child, no teenager version of this golden boy)
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