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[Translation Request] Kake Nari's Gudao Anthology

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Hopefully someone here is interested in translating this!
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DC Thread

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Last won't bump anymore.
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Banana Fish

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Tumblr gets very offended by the subject of nsfw BF, so I thought I'd try finding some here.
Pic related.
Anything BF related is fine.
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Looking for more art of Ilima from pokemon
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Full Service new thread

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Thread was archived. Continue the drama
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Disney thread

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Seriously Disney is my shit. I still recall memories of a Goofy Movie and Mulan! Can sing all songs perfectly.
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Code Geass thread!

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I, Lelouch vi Britannia, command you to post only the naughtiest pics of me and the men of Code Geass!
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Cum In Pants Thread

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the more embarassed they are and/or more public the setting the better.

But I'll take whatever there is.
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