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Facials/ Cum Eating

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Thread for facials, cum eating, and cum covered dudes in general.
Old thread >>2605082
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Steven Universe

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Last thread 404'd
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Translation request

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Requesting help to scanlate the manga Dousei Yankee Akamatsu Seven. I have raws for the whole first volume and I can do cleaning, typesetting and redrawing. I just need a translator.
It's not doujin/porn, it's a yankee BL manga. I'll be dumping the first chapter here, you'll have my eternal gratitude if you help me.
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Is there more yaoi of the 4chan april's fools event mascots such as these?
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Share flustered boys
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new Sakimichan thread

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Bara thread

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Bara thread
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The Thread of Aegir the new character from Tokyo Afterschool Summoners
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Link x ganondorf

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More of the best yaoi pairing
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Super smash bros thread
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