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Voltron thread

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Black Clover

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I never see yaoi from this and that's gotta change
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Anal Toys and masturbation

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This is a thread for drawings, images and comic strips about anal toying.
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mabatake enty

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mp100 thread

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Last one hit image limit
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Time for more worshiping of the delicious slabs of meat and muscle topped by luscious sensitive nipples in need of nursing and pleasure.

Small and normal pecs are fine, too, show love for all sizes and shapes of manmaries.
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Danny Phantom thread

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Post images of Butch Hartman's second best show. He's gonna catch em all cause he's Danny Phantom!
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Old thread 404'd

Post them sexy organized crime lads.
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All I want is to be chained to Satan's throne and be used as fuck meat by him and his demon hordes. Is that so wrong?
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Facials/ Cum Eating

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Thread for facials, cum eating, and cum covered dudes in general.
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