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Spanking/Spank marks

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Tentacle Thread ?

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:3 there's a distinct lack of pretty boys being fucked by slimy appendages. Let's fix that
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Ace Attorney

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Any pairings appreciated, heavily into Edgeworth.
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The Thread of Aegir the new character from Tokyo Afterschool Summoners
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I'm love with someone

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Hello /y/, how you doing?
It's my first time here and I have something to say.

I've never been into yaoi and I actually considered myself straight for most of my life, but recently, I met a person - a boy. a wonderful one - who made me feel like never before.

Have /y/ ever felt this way? Do you people understand the desire to simply be with that person all the time and that everything will be alright?

Unfortunately, I don't dare confess to him, and the only thing I can do is spend my time imagining him.

I beg you to send me pics, preferably characters with curly hair, so I can spend my time imagining the two of us.
It would be very special to me, and I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
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Hot symbiote thread.

My xenophile's ass wants Venom to fuck me so freaking bad you can't even imagine the struggle.
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Uncut dick thread #3

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Old thread was archived
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Voltron Thread

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Fingers crossed for any kind of canon gay end for Shiro, lads.
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Humans only obviously.
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