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Sakimichan Thread

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>>2542933 Last Thread
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Ace Attorney

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Any pairings appreciated, heavily into Edgeworth.
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Fallout Men/ Bi/ Gay

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Old thread is timing out and want to continue this topic. More content will come with the new release of Fallout 76.
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Reddblush Thread

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Big bara pecs.

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Old thread got archived so I made a new one.
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9S thread
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Goblin slayer

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I rly need porn about him
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Can someone help me ID this guy? I've tried reverse googling, but come up short.

Here's the twitter it came from, but it's in Japanese
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Homosuck thread?
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Thread about this cool artist (aka Beitemian)!

I am desperately looking for the "no dialogue" version of his works...

Fallen-Sequel is probably the hottest hardcore Yaoi out there!
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