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Venom and symbiote
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Fire Emblem

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last thread hit post limit! time to make a new one
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Danganronpa Thread

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Old one got archived
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Kalverin Thread

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Found some old images in my folders and when I went to check what this guy's been up to recently, turns out EVERYTHING has been deleted. Thought I'd post what I have and maybe if people had saved their own images, they could post those as well.
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Humans only obviously.
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Mega Man

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>Mega Man, X, and Zero general.
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Looking for caption yaoi like this, traps are welcome

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can't seem to find others like it which is a shame would like to find more.
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World of warcraft

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Let's see it boys
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dishonored - corvo

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Thread for corvo attano, doesnt matter who hes with as long as it had his dilf self
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