Current status Hidden site now up at http://ydt6jy2ng3s3xg2e.onion/
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Patreon 46

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Last thread was nuked
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Patriotic men thread

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Show some love for our great country!
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Another New JoJo Thread
damn, these threads keep filling up so quick!
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Frieddough Art Thread

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The other one went down
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Red Dead Redemption

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the games been out for a while and still no thread? Is no one else horny for some gay cowboys?
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My Hero Academia/Boku no Hero Academia

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This is where ALL MHA/BnHA yaoi is going to be stored. Having spin-off threads just clogs the whole board up. Keep everything in one place (a.k.a. here.) Otherwise go wild
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Bonus points for Alex. Please!!
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Mating press thread

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Never fails to get me going. Anyone have more?
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New Reigen thread.
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