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Your MCU/Marvel dreams.
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Bara/Yaoi Visual Novel Thread/RPG

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Any Bara/Yaoi Visual Novel/RPG games you played are welcomed.

1.) Discuss the games you played and how you would rank them

2.) Having pictures and the name of the visual novel is helpful

3.) Please try to be polite

4.) Specific details and information on the visual novel is helpful

5.) Not all request for a game can be answered but, if you can describe the description maybe someone can help.
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Patreon 37

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[PLEASE READ] Do not post anything on Hydaria, for it will spark an email chain. If you do wish to trade, make a discord server to share, not here.

Last thread was deleted for an unknown reason
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Old thread was archived
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Boku no Hero Academia

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Since the last thread just died, here’s the new one.
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Post hairy yaoi , especially Lunatic art
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a new dc

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Final Fantasy

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Can we get a final fantasy thread that isn't just 15
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Boys acting like pets. Bonus if they use strap and necklace
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