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Patreon 41

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Last thread hit bump limit. As usual, please do not ask for anything Hydaria.
Last thread: >>2564567
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Fantastic Beasts

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Just in time for new movie
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/ink/ Splatoon thread
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Buy it here:

And of course, feel free to provide links once an upload appears, or provide the upload yourself if you're feeling generous. Thank you!!
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Danganronpa Thread

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Old one got archived
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Camp Buddy Guide

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Anyone interested in a camp buddy guide? Pic related. Might take me a couple days any help would be appreciated :P
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Class Comics Thread

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I'm starting this thread so people can share comics from Class Comics (and ask for them, obviously)
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Gay Harem

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Look forward to the upcoming event!
Teasers on the GH and HH Discord suggest that we will get the Sidon (shark) character as a boss drop on GH and the dragon girl for HH
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Any and all JoJos spending quality time with their JoBros.
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Suicide Boy

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Anything from the webcomic suicide boy
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