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Final Fantasy XV

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Patreon #25

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Edit thread

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Rules and Guidelines
1- Images from cartoons, anime and comics.
2- Do some of the work and get a good quality image, not some low res crusty .jpg
3- Preferably pics with fewer clothes or visible body contour.
4.Please use this if you can't find a higher quality pic.
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Full Service Game

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So, looks like the old thread died (it was also kind of starting to be just a pointless flame thread honestly--) and since Mazjojo recently started to ACTUALLY work again on the project let's take this new thread as a fresh start other than just a recap of the old stuff we already shared.

Speaking of recap, what we know now is that at this point the game will probably come out next year (on summer maybe) and that there should be a 3rd demo coming out "soon", hopefully on December/January.
Recent updates from the official Twitter mentioned "working on voice acting" and just in the last week Mazjojo started sharing some screenshots of other CGs of the game he's working on/finishing (btw, could someone post them again? And if you can, do you think you could get a decent resolution zooming on the complete pictures on the top right of the photoshop window he's working on? The old CGs would be very appreciated as well).

The bad news is, like I said, the extra time/patience/energy this whole project is taking. The sort of good news is that it seems like now the project is moving forward in full force, so it's just a matter of time before we get some updates (hopefully). Thoughts?
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Fantastic Beasts #6

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"Holy shit, it's been over a year and there's still new content being made" edition.

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The last thread reached its limit so heres another
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Youtuber yaoi
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Writethread #???

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Old one died. Take requests or give requests. Normal rules apply, don't be a cunt. If you don't have a request or can't write try to link stories you think people would like.
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Ballbusting Thread

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Post ballbusting.
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