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/vip/, should I renew? :(
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Redditors on /vip/

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I'd love to know your opinion on nigger redditors coming to 4chan in the last several years and telling us how to post, what to say or not to say and generally making no interesting or funny contributions other than being jannies and moderators cus 'i have admin xp on reddit'

I think the salt is palpable when these faggots post. Go wipe the dog shit from your cock honestly
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Dysnomia inhales nigger dicks through his asshole

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Dys, I would just like to congradulate you on being, quite literally, a mentally handicapped retard. Never in my life have I seen such shitty moderation, that someone created an alt board of /b/, and actually fucking succeeded. I want you to dwell on this fact for as long as you can, until you realize what must be done, and jump off of the tallest building near you. You, singlehandedly, have killed this board, one of the most popular boards on this website for several years. I am not sure whether to be impressed, or pity you for being such a pathetic sack of shit. It is truly shocking how one person can be this much of a heaping pile of dogshit. If we got some stupid, trashy, hot cheeto munching negress to run this board, it is guaranteed it would be in a better state right now, than with your cock sucking, reddit browsing, morbidly obese, fat fucking ass draining this board of it's lifeforce like some sort of autistic vampire who can't control himself and just destroys everything he touches. Dysnomia, go fuck yourself and run bare ass naked into the Whitehouse and start trying to stab people in the hopes that you get shot, and your miserable existence comes to an end, and the world may be at peace once more.

Go fuck yourself,

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What are your top 5 most used boards?
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>No new boards created in 2 years.
I understand that it's expensive to increase server capacity, so just replace /mlp/.
Does anyone even still watch that shit? They'd be more at home on reddit anyway.
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I'm trying to log into 4chan and I keep getting this message with an error text: "Connection Error. Please make sure both and domains are whitelisted if you are using a script blocker."

I can obviously log into 4channel, but not 4chan. I saw a fix that was posted a few months ago going to or something like that but it hasn't worked. Any fixes?
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Is there no PayPal payment option, again?

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I was going to buy another pass because one of my other passes was banned but I don't get any PayPal option when I'm trying to buy one just "Pay with Difital Currency"
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How the fuck did cum-brain get filtered when cope, seethe, and have sex have been shitting up the entire site for months? I've never even seen someone say this new one until my friend told me it was already filtered.
Mods do your fucking jobs, instead of filtering some dumb shit nobody has ever said how about filtering bullshit that literally exists to waste posts on obnoxious garbage.
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