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post spiders <3
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Assassination Nation

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Anyone see this? They mention /vip/ of all places. Also, pretty good satire of internet culture. Probably the best movie I've seen this year.
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/VR/ Rule changes

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Looking to make changes to the allowable discussions on /vr/ to include ALL 6th generation gaming consoles, not just the Dreamcast. What process would one go through to bring attention to this, as it is a popular notion and the mods over there are not the final arbiter. They are just moderating the rules. The popularity of Xbox, Ps2 & Game cube coupled with their age means right now that they are older then the DreamCast was when it was accepted as part of the discussion. Discussions in /v/ go no where fast, and it seems that /vr/ would be a fair point to discuss these types of electronics.

Who do I talk to seriously about this, and how do I go about it?
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how the fuck do I blankpost?
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What the fuck happened to 4chan saving your posts? what I mean is say I write a post and I forget an image or forgot to fill in the captcha or something. If I just hit the back button it would have all my text on screen but now it no longer does that, did anyone else notice this? it's pretty annoying that I have to copy all my text before every post now incase something fucks up.
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You're buying a ticket right, /vip/? $900 million could buy a lot of 4chan passes.
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Happy Halloween, beats headphones for sale at low prices

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30% Off 3350mAh Lipstick-Sized Power Bank
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Hey, /vip/! Are there any good MMOs about, recently? I'm looking to make some friends online, and enjoy a good game while I'm at it. If you have any recommendations, post 'em! (Don't worry, I won't shit up your favourite game, I'm not a moron.) Multi-OS games are preferred.
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I was trying to think of something clever to start a thread, but I can't, so here's to 81000.
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