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First /vip/ thread of 2018.
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what does /vip/ think about bowsette
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Holy fuck at dem tiddies.

More like Thiccstrasza, am I right?
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I was trying to think of something clever to start a thread, but I can't, so here's to 81000.
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Boobs or butts?
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h-hey /vip/, d-d-do you like my sweater f-for the w-winter when we crunchyroll and chill?
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Why do people say mean things to me?
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What does fucking undead elven pussy feel like?
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I keep forgetting this board is a place. I was only reminded of it while reading Molester Man after a friend told me to finish it.
Did Hiro really just take the VIP shit from 2ch and bring it over here? Or is VIP a different board over there?