Current status Hidden site now up at http://ydt6jy2ng3s3xg2e.onion/
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Hey /vip/pers. Any of you from /a/? I've been trying to, god forbid, talk about an anime on the anime board but we've got at least one faggot mod removing them on sight.

I don't like that. How would y'all like it if something on topic on your home boards started getting banned because of an angry mod?

Posted this on /qa/ but, hey I'm not asking for changes to the board, just consistent rules and nature. Stop being fucking cunts, basically.
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Why is /a/ so well-moderated?

Is it because they're the OGs of 4chan so they get priority treatment?
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webm thread

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Post some /vip/ quality webms.
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blood bowl general /bbg/

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Come join blood bowl general /bbg/ on >>>/tg/.

We have a discord where people players like Crab, Antg, and Tubi like to hold bi-weekly ERPs (sometimes about things other than blood bowl)

Logicsfate told me to tell you all that he is a massive faggot. So gays welcome
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Two weeks have passed since our petition thread here >>67411

Here it is finally.

Everyone please read and sign this please. These changes will help to not only make our board more fun, but will also help us stand out from the other boards. It will give us more freedom and make this board an even more unique place.

If you would like to support this petition, please sign in the blue area.

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h-hey /vip/, d-d-do you like my sweater f-for the w-winter when we crunchyroll and chill?
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