Current status Hidden site now up at http://ydt6jy2ng3s3xg2e.onion/
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? ?
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xV> A@DE:?8 D64C6E 4@56 @? >J ^G:A^ 6I4=FD:G6 3@2C5 3642FD6 E96C6VD ?@ E@A:4 E96C6 2?5 J@F 42?VE DE@A >6 l/X
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I went on /x/ and im scared now
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Interesting pictures

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Just gonna post my favorite interesting photographs and shit. Post some too if you want.
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Let's just cut to the chase. Which anime girl have you spilt the most cum to?

Pic not related, but probably up there for me.
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Do you tell anyone IRL that you spent money on 4chan?
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What's up /vip/? Do you believe in karma? If so, why? If not, why not?
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Handwriting thread

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