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The ability shapeshift into a beautiful little girl
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Cinderella Girls thread - Mio Honda's birthday edition.
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ITT: We push /vip/ closer to 100000

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Rules: You must post in this thread twice daily

It doesn't matter what the post is, as long as it brings /vip/ closer to 100000.
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Draw a simpsons character and post it
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Mod/Janitor on /a/ deleting manga threads

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One was deleted due to being a "template" even though discussion was normal >>>/a/176421415
More importantly this faggot keeps deleting OPTs and manga threads, presumably because "no recommendations on /a/" although the threads are perfectly accepted on /a/ and we have other legitimate problems there. It's been years and /a/ still self-moderates, finding actual "give me something to read pls" threads unacceptable, but accepting of what actually generates interest and discussion (especially the (RARE) currently reading manga threads, there's a lot of discussion in those), and allows manga both known and unknown to proliferate and gain a higher readerbase.

Whose nuts do I twist to get this guy to fuck off? Literally deleting on topic content. Fuck off
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Mod on /v/ in full damage control mode

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>go to /v/ to discuss video games and video gaming culture
>get banned for not being part of the neogaff circlejerk
Why is /v/ such garbage? I don't normally post there, but it was eye opening how bad it was.
Its like neogaff 2.0
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How do I get the clover symbol to show up in my posts?

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I wanna feel important because I had 20 bucks to spare.
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