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/alg/ - Azur Lane General #1219

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>Ongoing Event
New Player double XP campaign (27 April - 31 May)

Welcome Back Mission (20 May - 11 July)
1. Missions for returning commanders

Party Skin discounts (23 May - 13 June)
1. Monarch, Cleveland, Fubuki, Taihou, QE, Ajax, Illustrious, South Dakota, Amazon, Aurora, U-81, Akashi

Manjuu Daycare Dorm (9 May - 12 June)

Voice: Hiei-chan, KGV, Echo, Bismarck; Skin voice: Yoizuki, Hiei, Mutsu, Story: KGV, U-556; Retrofit: Koln

Movement of Black Iron, Vow of the Sea (23 May - 13 June)
1. Complete event maps and daily missions to get tokens
2. Redeem tokens for rewards such as KGV
3. U-556 skin and Fl 282(Helicopter) milestone
4. Construction: Bismarck, KGV, U-556, Z36, U-74, Echo
5. Dorm set

Experiment Time! (23 May - 13 June)
1. Complete daily tasks to get U-73's skin

Wishing Fountain (23 May - 13 June)
1. Can choose one of the permanent pools and raise 2 ships rate to SSR: 2%, SR: 2.5%, R: 2.5%, N: 2.5%

A Small Promise (20 May - 13 June)
1. Finish mission to get medals
2. Redeem medals to get event item "Unfulfilled Promise"

Akashi's Sketchbook (20 - 27 May)
1. Spend fuel to get paint, finish paintings to get free Akashi skin

Ark Royal, Bismark, Yuugure, Shigure Z23, Spee skin[CN/JP/KR/EN]

Make a bind code or link the game to a twitter account if you're playing on JP/EN or you might lose your account when the game updates.
/alg/ doesn't have its own guild or discord.



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