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Dueling Network General #3193: "Support Season" Edition

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>Playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Online:
YGOPro is an automated simulator.
?The recommended PC client is YGOPro Percy. The download link for the latest build is here:
?For Android, use YGOProES (see their discord server for the download link)

>Useful Links:
Current Official Rulebook:
Wikis with a wealth of information for players: and!_Wikia
Hypergeometric Probability Calculator:
Yu-Gi-Oh! Stock Market:

>OCG Decklists:

>TCG Decklists:

>OCG/TCG News Sites:

>Upcoming OCG Releases:
?Duelist Pack: Legend Duelist 5 (June 8)
?Structure Deck Revolver (June 22)

>Upcoming TCG Releases:
?Dark Neostorm Special Edition (June 14)
?Battles of Legend: Hero's Revenge (July 12)
?Rising Rampage (July 26)
?Structure Deck: Rokket Revolt (August 16)
?Gold Sarcophagus Tin (August 30)
?Yu-Gi-Oh! Advent Calendar 2019 (September 27)

>General Information:
?Read cards carefully.
?Create-a-Card (CaC) is not allowed.