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Planetside 2 General /ps2g/

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Still fighting the good fight

>What is Planetside 2?
A free to play first person fps with MMO elements in a futuristic sci-fi setting on a large scale map between 3 factions.
>Free to play, is it pay to win?
All weapons are side-grades and nearly every starter weapon is the best for their classes so there is generally no benefit.
>Is it worth playing?
There has recently been a major overhaul of the game engine from DX9 to DX11. Gameplay is the best it has been since initial release in 2012.

>How do I install?
You can either install thru Steam or download the direct launcher from the Planetside website.

>Codes for free stuff
Unlocks: An armor decal.

Unlocks: A vehicle decal, matching the above decal.

Unlocks: An Everquest vehicle decal.

Code: “5YEARSPS2”
Unlocks: A special decal celebrating the game’s 5th anniversary.

Code: “6YEARSPS2”
Unlocks: A special 6th anniversary Loyalty Decal and the NSX-P Naginata LMG.

Code: “NSOPS2019”
Unlocks: The NSX Tengu, an SMG/shotgun hybrid, which fires four pellets with each shot.

Code: “PS2WelcomeBack”
Unlocks: A platinum NSX Tanto and a platinum NS helmet.

Unlocks: Several items, actually. You get a vehicle decal, an armor decal and 1 hour 50% boosts for XP and Resource.