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ONE WEEK (and a day) UNTIL STRIKER edition

>Striker class released
>6 new level 60 Hard dungeons
>3 new Chaos Raids including Pink Bean
>3 new Legendary armor sets
>Eye of Lapenta, a new system with very limited info (
>There will be a method to transfer upgrades from level 50 legendary to level 60 epic gear
>EN awakening skills preview stream

>Japanese MS2 beta starts May 29th -

Patch Notes -
Maint Notes -
Producer Blog -
Style Crate -

>/ms2g/ Guilds
Reply to OP with name and server for invite.
We don't need new guilds at this point, but if you've made a new guild, reply to OP with the guild name and server.

>Useful Information and Links

>FAQ (ctrl+F this before asking stupid shit)



There is no /ms2g/ discord. Both servers' /vg/ guilds have guild discords you can ask for if you're a part of them.
Catching up is incredibly easy right now due to the revamped gem and socket systems. If you need help, ask the thread, we'll probably be willing to help you out if you aren't a massive faggot.

Meetup spot is Channel 13 Coco Island on West and Channel 4 Minar on East. If you want to meet elsewhere, then just post a spot you want to meetup at.

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